What factors affect to curation commerce website loyalty intention: The mediating effects of perceived deception

Sunghee Park, Jaehyeon Jun, Heejun Park

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Purpose: As the importance of information quality has become prominent in the internet commerce, curation techniques are also stands out as well. Therefore, many services on e-commerce applied with curation techniques to satisfy their consumers. However, besides the fact that plenty of advantages from curation commerce, the growth of curation commerce websites have been slowdown. Thus, this paper is to investigate factors influencing curatiaxon commerce websites’ consumer loyalty intentions for enhancing the competitiveness of curation commerce websites. Methodology/Approach: This study sets independent variables regarding provider recommendation and consumer review simultaneously and verifies to see how each factors affect to consumer’s loyalty intention through perceived deception and satisfaction in the curation commerce website. We applied structural equation model to verify the hypothesis and conduted a survey on consumer who had buying expriences in Korean curation commerce website. Findings: The results of this study show what fators significantly affect to loyalty intention. Consumers on curation commerce mostly tend to be affected by other consumers’ review and they only affected by presentation of product among provider recommedations. We conducted an important mediating effect of satisfaction between perceived deception and loyalty intention. Furthermore, because curation commerce is a relatively new concept, this attempt could form the basis for research on cuartion commerce. Research Limitation/implication: This research only collected sample data form curation commerce websites users in Korea and because young consumers onsistute the majority of the respondednts, generalizing the findings to individuals of all ages and nations is difficult. Originality/Value of paper: This paper is the first study applying product recommendation and consumer review simultaneouly as an independent variable. These attempts enable to reflect more specific and practical behavior of consumers. Effect of satisfaction on loyalty and relationship between deception and loyalty are well documented in the offline and online retail context. This study expands and verifies estabilshed relationship among the variables on the lastest commerce website.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)95-113
Number of pages19
JournalQuality Innovation Prosperity
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2017

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