Universal three-dimensional crosslinker for all-photopatterned electronics

Min Je Kim, Myeongjae Lee, Honggi Min, Seunghan Kim, Jeehye Yang, Hyukmin Kweon, Wooseop Lee, Do Hwan Kim, Jong Ho Choi, Du Yeol Ryu, Moon Sung Kang, Bong Soo Kim, Jeong Ho Cho

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All-solution processing of large-area organic electronics requires multiple steps of patterning and stacking of various device components. Here, we report the fabrication of highly integrated arrays of polymer thin-film transistors and logic gates entirely through a series of solution processes. The fabrication is done using a three-dimensional crosslinker in tetrahedral geometry containing four photocrosslinkable azide moieties, referred to as 4Bx. 4Bx can be mixed with a variety of solution-processable electronic materials (polymer semiconductors, polymer insulators, and metal nanoparticles) and generate crosslinked network under exposure to UV. Fully crosslinked network film can be formed even at an unprecedentedly small loading, which enables preserving the inherent electrical and structural characteristics of host material. Because the crosslinked electronic component layers are strongly resistant to chemical solvents, micropatterning the layers at high resolution as well as stacking the layers on top of each other by series of solution processing steps is possible.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1520
JournalNature communications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Dec 1

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