Thermodynamic behaviour of carbonate in CaO based slag

Hyo Seok Song, Dong Sik Kim, Peter Chang Hee Rhee, Dong Joon Min

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Carbonate solubility was measured for CaO bearing slag systems at 1600 °C under different thermodynamic conditions by using equilibration techniques. Carbonate solubility increased with activity of (CaO). The reaction mechanism of the carbonate dissolution in slag can be expressed as a reaction between CO2 gaseous phase and oxygen ion to form carbonate (CO32-). Carbonate capacities of various slags depended not only on oxygen ion but also activity coefficient of carbonate ion. The activity coefficient of carbonate ion in CaO-SiO2 slag changed with CaO content, but that of CaO-Al2O3 slag did not change remarkably. Substitution of MgO by CaO for solubility of carbonate had a similar effect as in the case of carbide in CaO-SiO2-MgO slag. The critical oxygen potential for carbide and carbonate stability was found to be 10-10 bar.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)433-437
Number of pages5
JournalSteel Research
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2002 Oct

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  • Metals and Alloys


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