The Nature of Metastable AA′ Graphite: Low Dimensional Nano- and Single-Crystalline Forms

Jae Kap Lee, Jin Gyu Kim, K. P.S.S. Hembram, Yong Il Kim, Bong Ki Min, Yeseul Park, Jeon Kook Lee, Dong Ju Moon, Wooyoung Lee, Sang Gil Lee, Phillip John

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Over the history of carbon, it is generally acknowledged that Bernal AB stacking of the sp 2 carbon layers is the unique crystalline form of graphite. The universal graphite structure is synthesized at 2,600∼3,000 °C and exhibits a micro-polycrystalline feature. In this paper, we provide evidence for a metastable form of graphite with an AA' structure. The non-Bernal AA' allotrope of graphite is synthesized by the thermal- and plasma-treatment of graphene nanopowders at ∼1,500 °C. The formation of AA' bilayer graphene nuclei facilitates the preferred texture growth and results in single-crystal AA' graphite in the form of nanoribbons (1D) or microplates (2D) of a few nm in thickness. Kinetically controlled AA' graphite exhibits unique nano- and single-crystalline feature and shows quasi-linear behavior near the K-point of the electronic band structure resulting in anomalous optical and acoustic phonon behavior.

Original languageEnglish
Article number39624
JournalScientific reports
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Dec 21

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This work was supported by KIST Future Resource Program (V02120, 2E26390, 2E25404).

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