The BioMart community portal: An innovative alternative to large, centralized data repositories

Damian Smedley, Syed Haider, Steffen Durinck, Luca Pandini, Paolo Provero, James Allen, Olivier Arnaiz, Mohammad Hamza Awedh, Richard Baldock, Giulia Barbiera, Philippe Bardou, Tim Beck, Andrew Blake, Merideth Bonierbale, Anthony J. Brookes, Gabriele Bucci, Iwan Buetti, Sarah Burge, Cédric Cabau, Joseph W. CarlsonClaude Chelala, Charalambos Chrysostomou, Davide Cittaro, Olivier Collin, Raul Cordova, Rosalind J. Cutts, Erik Dassi, Alex Di Genova, Anis Djari, Anthony Esposito, Heather Estrella, Eduardo Eyras, Julio Fernandez-Banet, Simon Forbes, Robert C. Free, Takatomo Fujisawa, Emanuela Gadaleta, Jose M. Garcia-Manteiga, David Goodstein, Kristian Gray, José Afonso Guerra-Assunção, Bernard Haggarty, Dong Jin Han, Byung Woo Han, Todd Harris, Jayson Harshbarger, Robert K. Hastings, Richard D. Hayes, Claire Hoede, Shen Hu, Zhi Liang Hu, Lucie Hutchins, Zhengyan Kan, Hideya Kawaji, Aminah Keliet, Arnaud Kerhornou, Sunghoon Kim, Rhoda Kinsella, Christophe Klopp, Lei Kong, Daniel Lawson, Dejan Lazarevic, Ji Hyun Lee, Thomas Letellier, Chuan Yun Li, Pietro Lio, Chu Jun Liu, Jie Luo, Alejandro Maass, Jerome Mariette, Thomas Maurel, Stefania Merella, Azza Mostafa Mohamed, Francois Moreews, Ibounyamine Nabihoudine, Nelson Ndegwa, Céline Noirot, Cristian Perez-Llamas, Michael Primig, Alessandro Quattrone, Hadi Quesneville, Davide Rambaldi, James Reecy, Michela Riba, Steven Rosanoff, Amna Ali Saddiq, Elisa Salas, Olivier Sallou, Rebecca Shepherd, Reinhard Simon, Linda Sperling, William Spooner, Daniel M. Staines, Delphine Steinbach, Kevin Stone, Elia Stupka, Jon W. Teague, Abu Z. Dayem Ullah, Jun Wang, Doreen Ware, Marie Wong-Erasmus, Ken Youens-Clark, Amonida Zadissa, Shi Jian Zhang, Arek Kasprzyk

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The BioMart Community Portal ( is a community-driven effort to provide a unified interface to biomedical databases that are distributed worldwide. The portal provides access to numerous database projects supported by 30 scientific organizations. It includes over 800 different biological datasets spanning genomics, proteomics, model organisms, cancer data, ontology information and more. All resources available through the portal are independently administered and funded by their host organizations. The BioMart data federation technology provides a unified interface to all the available data. The latest version of the portal comes with many new databases that have been created by our ever-growing community. It also comes with better support and extensibility for data analysis and visualization tools. A new addition to our toolbox, the enrichment analysis tool is now accessible through graphical and web service interface. The BioMart community portal averages over one million requests per day. Building on this level of service and the wealth of information that has become available, the BioMart Community Portal has introduced a new, more scalable and cheaper alternative to the large data stores maintained by specialized organizations.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)W589-W598
JournalNucleic acids research
Issue numberW1
Publication statusPublished - 2015

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