Systemic immune modulation induced by alcoholic beverage intake in obese-diabetes (db/db) mice

Hyunah Lee, Ik Soon Jang, Junsoo Park, Seol Hee Kim, So Young Baek, Sung Ho Go, Seung Hoon Lee

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Alcohol over-consumption is generally immunosuppressive. In this study, the effects of single or repetitive alcohol administration on the systemic immunity of db/db mice were observed to clarify the possible mechanisms for the increased susceptibility of obese individuals to alcohol-related immunological health problems. Alcohol (as a form of commercially available 20% distilled-alcoholic beverage) was orally administered one-time or seven times over 2weeks to db/db mice and normal C57BL/6J mice. Immunologic alterations were analyzed by observation of body weight and animal activity, along with proportional changes of splenocytes for natural killer cells, macrophages, and T and B lymphocytes. Modulation of plasma cytokine level and immune-related genes were also ascertained by micro-bead assay and a microarray method, respectively. The immune micro-environment of db/db mice was an inflammatory state and adaptive cellular immunity was significantly suppressed. Low-dose alcohol administration reversed the immune response, decreasing inflammatory responses and the increment of adaptive immunity mainly related to CD4+ T cells, but not CD8+ T cells, to normal background levels. Systemic immune modulation due to alcohol administration in the obese-diabetic mouse model may be useful in the understanding of the induction mechanism, which will aid the development of therapeutics for related secondary diseases.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)286-293
Number of pages8
JournalFood and Chemical Toxicology
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Mar

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This research was supported by a Grant ( 08152KFDA423 ) from Korea Food & Drug Administration in 2008 and technically assisted by Korea Basic Science Institute (C32730).

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  • Food Science
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