System, centrality, and transverse mass dependence of two-pion correlation radii in heavy ion collisions at 11.6A and 14.6A GeV/c

L. Ahle, Y. Akiba, K. Ashktorab, M. D. Baker, D. Beavis, P. Beery, H. C. Britt, B. Budick, J. Chang, C. Chasman, Z. Chen, C. Y. Chi, Y. Y. Chu, V. Cianciolo, B. A. Cole, J. B. Costales, H. J. Crawford, J. B. Cumming, R. Debbe, J. C. DunlopW. Eldredge, J. Engelage, S. Y. Fung, E. Garcia, M. Gonin, S. Gushue, H. Hamagaki, L. F. Hansen, R. S. Hayano, S. Hayashi, G. Heintzelman, S. Homma, E. Judd, H. Kaneko, J. Kang, S. Kaufman, W. L. Kehoe, E. J. Kim, A. Kumagai, K. Kurita, R. J. Ledoux, J. H. Lee, M. J. LeVine, J. Luke, Y. Miake, A. Mignerey, D. P. Morrison, R. J. Morse, B. Moskowitz, M. Moulson, C. Müntz, S. Nagamiya, M. N. Namboodiri, T. K. Nayak, C. A. Ogilvie, J. Olness, C. G. Parsons, L. P. Remsberg, D. Roehrich, P. Rothschild, H. Sako, H. Sakurai, T. C. Sangster, R. Seto, J. Shea, K. Shigaki, R. A. Soltz, P. Stankus, S. G. Steadman, G. S.F. Stephans, T. W. Sung, Y. Tanaka, M. J. Tannenbaum, J. H. Thomas, S. R. Tonse, S. Ueno-Hayashi, J. H. Van Dijk, F. Videbæk, O. Vossnack, V. Vutsadakis, F. Wang, Y. Wang, H. E. Wegner, D. Woodruff, Y. Wu, H. Xiang, G. H. Xu, K. Yagi, X. Yang, H. Yao, D. Zachary, W. A. Zajc, F. Zhu

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Two-pion correlation functions are analyzed at midrapidity for three systems (14.6A GeV/c Si+Al, Si+Au, and 11.6A GeV/c Au+Au), seven distinct centrality conditions, and different kT bins in the range 0.1-0.5 GeV/c. Source reference frames are determined from fits to the Yano-Koonin source parametrization. Bertsch-Pratt radius parameters are shown to scale linearly with both number of projectile and total participants as obtained from a Glauber model calculation. A finite lifetime parameter that increases linearly with system/centrality is also reported. The mT dependences of the Bertsch-Pratt radii for the central Si+Au and central Au+Au systems differ only by an overall normalization factor given by the measured system/centrality dependence.

Original languageEnglish
Article number054906
Pages (from-to)549061-5490615
Number of pages4941555
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2002 Nov 1

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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