Soft subdermal implant capable of wireless battery charging and programmable controls for applications in optogenetics

Choong Yeon Kim, Min Jeong Ku, Raza Qazi, Hong Jae Nam, Jong Woo Park, Kum Seok Nam, Shane Oh, Inho Kang, Jae Hyung Jang, Wha Young Kim, Jeong Hoon Kim, Jae Woong Jeong

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Optogenetics is a powerful technique that allows target-specific spatiotemporal manipulation of neuronal activity for dissection of neural circuits and therapeutic interventions. Recent advances in wireless optogenetics technologies have enabled investigation of brain circuits in more natural conditions by releasing animals from tethered optical fibers. However, current wireless implants, which are largely based on battery-powered or battery-free designs, still limit the full potential of in vivo optogenetics in freely moving animals by requiring intermittent battery replacement or a special, bulky wireless power transfer system for continuous device operation, respectively. To address these limitations, here we present a wirelessly rechargeable, fully implantable, soft optoelectronic system that can be remotely and selectively controlled using a smartphone. Combining advantageous features of both battery-powered and battery-free designs, this device system enables seamless full implantation into animals, reliable ubiquitous operation, and intervention-free wireless charging, all of which are desired for chronic in vivo optogenetics. Successful demonstration of the unique capabilities of this device in freely behaving rats forecasts its broad and practical utilities in various neuroscience research and clinical applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number535
JournalNature communications
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec

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