Single phase formation of Co-implanted ZnO thin films by swift heavy ion irradiation: Optical studies

Ravi Kumar, Fouran Singh, Basavaraj Angadi, Ji Won Choi, Won Kook Choi, Kwangho Jeong, Jong Han Song, M. Wasi Khan, J. P. Srivastava, Ajay Kumar, R. P. Tandon

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Low temperature photoluminescence and optical absorption studies on 200 MeV Ag+15 ion irradiated Co-implanted ZnO thin films were studied. The Co clusters present in as implanted samples were observed to be dissolved using 200 MeV Ag+15 ion irradiation with a fluence of 1× 1012 ions cm2. The photoluminescence spectrum of pure ZnO thin film was characterized by the I4 peak due to the neutral donor bound excitons and the broad green emission. The Co-doped ZnO films show three sharp levels and two shoulders corresponding to 3 t2g and 2 eg levels of crystal field splitted Co d orbitals, respectively. The ultraviolet-visible absorption spectroscopy also shows the systematic variation of band gap after 200 MeV Ag+15 ion irradiation.

Original languageEnglish
Article number113708
JournalJournal of Applied Physics
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2006

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Funding Information:
One of the authors (R.K.) is very thankful to Dr. Amit Roy, Director, IUAC, New Delhi for his interest and support for this work. The authors are thankful to the IUAC, Pelletron group for providing ion beam. This work is financially supported by KIST future resource program (2E19410), KOSEF under Contract No. R01-2004-000-10715-0, and MOST under Contract No. RMO-2006-000-01001-0(2006).

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