Robot-assisted laparoendoscopic single-site surgery: Partial nephrectomy for renal malignancy

Woong Kyu Han, Dong Suk Kim, Hwang Gyun Jeon, Wooju Jeong, Cheol Kyu Oh, Kyung Hwa Choi, Enrique Ian S. Lorenzo, Koon Ho Rha

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Objectives To describe our experience with robot-assisted laparoendoscopic single-site surgery (LESS) to perform partial nephrectomy and evaluate a hybrid homemade port system as an effective access technique. Methods From December 2008 to September 2009, robot-assisted LESS to perform partial nephrectomy through a hybrid homemade port was performed to treat 14 cases of renal cell carcinoma. The data, including patient characteristics, operative records, complications, and pathologic results, were analyzed. Results The mean tumor size was 3.2 cm, the mean ischemic time was 30 minutes, and the mean operative time was 233 minutes. We used the hybrid homemade port technique in 10 cases. All surgical margins after partial nephrectomy were negative for malignancy. No port-related complications were reported. Two cases required conversion to mini-incisional partial nephrectomy. Conclusions Robot-assisted LESS for performing partial nephrectomy using a hybrid homemade port system is a safe and feasible treatment technique. It provided access for meticulous suturing on the renal parenchyma using articulating robot arms and ready access to the surgical field for the assistant.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)612-616
Number of pages5
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2011 Mar

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