Results from the EPICAL-2 ultra-high granularity electromagnetic calorimeter prototype

T. Peitzmann, J. Alme, R. Barthel, A. van Bochove, V. Borshchov, R. Bosley, A. van den Brink, E. Broeils, H. Büsching, V. N. Eikeland, O. S. Groettvik, Y. H. Han, N. van der Kolk, J. H. Kim, T. J. Kim, Y. Kwon, M. Mager, Q. W. Malik, E. Okkinga, T. Y. ParkF. Pliquett, M. Protsenko, F. Reidt, S. van Rijk, K. Røed, T. S. Rogoschinski, D. Röhrich, M. J. Rossewij, G. B. Ruis, E. H. Solheim, I. Tymchuk, K. Ullaland, N. K. Watson, H. Yokoyama

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A prototype of a new type of calorimeter has been designed and constructed, based on a silicon–tungsten sampling design using pixel sensors with digital readout. It makes use of the ALPIDE sensor developed for the ALICE Inner Tracking System (ITS) upgrade. A binary readout is possible due to the pixel size of ≈30×30μm2. This prototype has been successfully tested with cosmic muons and with test beams at DESY and the CERN SPS. We report on performance results obtained at DESY, showing good energy resolution and linearity, and compare to detailed MC simulations. Also shown are preliminary results of the high-energy performance as measured at the SPS. The two-shower separation capabilities are discussed.

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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