Recent results from experiment 859 at the BNL AGS

B. A. Cole, Y. Akiba, D. Beavis, P. Beery, H. C. Britt, B. Budick, C. Chasman, Z. Chen, C. Y. Chi, Y. Y. Chu, V. Cianciolo, B. A. Cole, J. B. Costales, H. J. Crawford, J. B. Cumming, R. Debbe, J. Engelage, S. Y. Fung, M. Gonin, S. GushueH. Hamagaki, O. Hansen, R. S. Hayano, S. Hayashi, S. Homma, H. Kaneko, J. Kang, S. Kaufman, W. L. Kehoe, K. Kurita, R. J. Ledoux, M. J. Levine, Y. Miake, D. P. Morrison, R. J. Morse, B. Moskowitz, S. Nagamiya, M. N. Namboodiri, T. K. Nayak, J. Olness, C. G. Parsons, L. P. Remsberg, D. Roehrich, P. Rothschild, H. Sakurai, T. C. Sangster, R. Seto, R. Soltz, P. Stankus, S. G. Steadman, G. S.F. Stephans, T. Sung, Y. Tanaka, M. J. Tannenbaum, J. Thomas, S. Tonse, J. H. van Dijk, F. Videbaek, O. Vossnack, V. Vutsadakis, F. Q. Wang, Y. Wang, H. E. Wegner, D. S. Woodruff, Y. D. Wu, X. Yang, D. Zachary, W. A. Zajc

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This paper presents recent results from Experiment 859 at the BNL AGS, focussing on strangeness (K±, Λ, Λ), rare probes (p, φ) and two-particle correlations. Highlights of the paper include an analysis of the centrality dependence of K± yields in terms of the number of participants, a brief review of the current status of the E859 Λ and Λ data, an analysis of the target dependence of p yields in terms of p K- ratio's, results of a re-analysis of Λ feed-down contamination of p's, a comparison of the cenal SiAu and pp φ yields through the φ K- ratio, an extremely preliminary study of the centrality dependence of the φ line-shape, a summary of the centrality dependence of two-π correlation source sizes, and a comparison of results from two-dimensional analyses of the two-π and two-K+ correlation functions.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)179-196
Number of pages18
JournalNuclear Physics, Section A
Issue number1-2
Publication statusPublished - 1995 Jul 24

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This work has been supported by the U.S. Department of Energy under contracts with ANL (W-31-109-ENG-38), BNL (DE-AC02-76CH00016), Columbia University (DE-FG02-86-ER40281), LLNL (W-7405-ENG-48), MIT (DE-AC02-76ER03069), UC Riverside (DE-FG03-86ER40271), and by NASA (NGR-05-003-513), under contract with the University of California, and by the U.S.-Japan High Energy Physics Collaboration Treaty.

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics


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