Prognostic value of glioma cancer stem cell isolation in survival of primary glioblastoma patients

Byung Ho Kong, Ju Hyung Moon, Yong Min Huh, Jin Kyoung Shim, Ji Hyun Lee, Eui Hyun Kim, Jong Hee Chang, Dong Seok Kim, Yong Kil Hong, Sun Ho Kim, Su Jae Lee, Seok Gu Kang

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Cancer stem cells (CSCs) have been reported to be critical in the initiation, maintenance, and progression of cancers. The expression of stem cell markers, such as podoplanin (PDPN), CD133, and nestin, may have been correlated with malignant progression. However, the effects of CSCs and stem cell markers on clinical outcomes in cancer patients remain unclear. In this study, we assessed the prognostic roles of glioma CSCs (gCSCs) isolation and stem cell markers in patients with primary glioblastoma (pGBM). A cohort of 39 patients with pGBM was separated into two groups, those positive or negative for gCSCs, and the correlation between gCSC and patient survival was evaluated. We observed significantly different cumulative survival (P = 0.045) when comparing patients positive for gCSCs patients and negative for gCSC. Among the patients positive for gCSCs, we observed no significant differences in survival between those whose gCSCs were each positive or negative for PDPN, CD133, or nestin. This study strongly supports the prognostic value of gCSCs isolation on the survival of patients with pGBM.

Original languageEnglish
Article number838950
JournalStem Cells International
Publication statusPublished - 2014 Dec 11

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