Optimization of safety stock under controllable production rate and energy consumption in an automated smart production management

Mitali Sarkar, Biswajit Sarkar

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A smart production system is essential to produce complex products under the consumption of efficient energy. The main ramification of controllable production rate, amount of production size, and safety stocks is simultaneously optimized under proper utilization of energy within a smart production system with a random breakdown of spare parts. Due to the random breakdown, a greater amount of energy may be used. For this purpose, this study is concerned about the optimum safety stock level under the exact amount of energy utilization. For random breakdown, there are three cases as production inventory meets the demand without utilization of the safety stock, with using of the safety stock, and consumed the total safety stock amount and facing shortages. After the random breakdown time, the smart production system may move to an out-of-control state and may produce defective items, where the production rate of defective items is a random variable, which follows an exponential distribution. The total cost is highly nonlinear and cannot be solved by any classical optimization technique. A mathematical optimization tool is utilized to test the model. Numerical study proves that the effect of energy plays an important role for the smart manufacturing system even though random breakdowns are there. it is found that the controllable production rate under the effect of the optimum energy consumption really effects significantly in the minimization cost. It saves cost regarding the corrective and preventive maintenance cost. The amount of safety stock can have more support under the effect of optimum energy utilization. The energy can be replaced by the solar energy.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2059
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - 2019

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The research was funded by the research fund of Hanyang University (HY-2018-F), (Project number 201800000001370).

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