Optical proximity correction (OPC) in near-field lithography with pixel-based field sectioning time modulation

Seonghyeon Oh, Dandan Han, Hyeon Bo Shim, Jae W. Hahn

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Subwavelength features have been successfully demonstrated in near-field lithography. In this study, the point spread function (PSF) of a near-field beam spot from a plasmonic ridge nanoaperture is discussed with regard to the complex decaying characteristic of a non-propagating wave and the asymmetry of the field distribution for pattern design. We relaxed the shape complexity of the field distribution with pixel-based optical proximity correction (OPC) for simplifying the pattern image distortion. To enhance the pattern fidelity for a variety of arbitrary patterns, field-sectioning structures are formulated via convolutions with a time-modulation function and a transient PSF along the near-field dominant direction. The sharpness of corners and edges, and line shortening can be improved by modifying the original target pattern shape using the proposed approach by considering both the pattern geometry and directionality of the field decay for OPC in near-field lithography.

Original languageEnglish
Article number045301
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Jan 26

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