Novel dental poly (methyl methacrylate) containing phytoncide for antifungal effect and inhibition of oral multispecies biofilm

Myung Jin Lee, Min Ji Kim, Sang Hwan Oh, Jae Sung Kwon

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Despite the many advantages of poly (methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) as a dental polymer, its antifungal and antibacterial effects remain limited. Here, phytoncide was incorporated into PMMA to inhibit fungal and biofilm accumulation without impairing the basic and biological properties of PMMA. A variable amount of phytoncide (0 wt % to 5 wt %) was incorporated into PMMA, and the basic material properties of microhardness, flexural strength and gloss were evaluated. In addition, cell viability was confirmed by MTT assay. This MTT assay measures cell viability via metabolic activity, and the color intensity of the formazan correlates viable cells. The fungal adhesion and viability on the PMMA surfaces were evaluated using Candida albicans (a pathogenic yeast). Finally, the thickness of saliva-derived biofilm was estimated. The flexural strength of PMMA decreased with increasing phytoncide contents, whereas there were no significant differences in the microhardness and gloss (p > 0.05) and the cell viability (p > 0.05) between the control and the phytoncide-incorporated PMMA samples. The amounts of adherent Candida albicans colony-forming unit (CFU) counts, and saliva-derived biofilm thickness were significantly lower in the phytoncide-incorporated PMMA compared to the control (p < 0.05). Hence, it was concluded that the incorporation of appropriate amounts of phytoncide in PMMA demonstrated antifungal effects while maintaining the properties, which could be a possible use in dentistry application such as denture base resin.

Original languageEnglish
Article number371
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2020 Jan 1

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