Natural bio-based monomers for biomedical applications: a review

Mallinath S. Birajdar, Haejin Joo, Won Gun Koh, Hansoo Park

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Abstract: In recent years, synthetic and semi-synthetic polymer materials have been widely used in various applications. Especially concerning biomedical applications, their biocompatibility, biodegradability, and non-toxicity have increased the interest of researchers to discover and develop new products for the well-being of humanity. Among the synthetic and semi-synthetic materials, the use of natural bio-based monomeric materials presents a possible novel avenue for the development of new biocompatible, biodegradable, and non-toxic products. The purpose of this article is to review the information on the role of natural bio-based monomers in biomedical applications. Increased eco-friendliness, biocompatibility, biodegradability, non-toxicity, and intrinsic biological activity are some of the attributes which make itaconic, succinic, citric, hyaluronic, and glutamic acids suitable potential materials for biomedical applications. Herein, we summarize the most recent advances in the field over the past ten years and specifically highlight new and interesting discoveries in biomedical applications. Graphical abstract: Natural origin acid-based bio-monomers for biomedical applications[Figure not available: see fulltext.]

Original languageEnglish
Article number8
JournalBiomaterials Research
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec

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This research was supported by a Chung-Ang University research grant in 2019 and by the Korea Health Technology R&D Project through the Korea Health Industry Development Institute (KHIDI), funded by the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Republic of Korea (grant number: HI15C1744).

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