Nanoslot metasurface design and characterization for enhanced organic light-emitting diodes

Kyungnam Kang, Seongmin Im, Changhun Lee, Jungho Kim, Donghyun Kim

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We investigate bottom-emitting organic light-emitting diodes (B-OLEDs) integrated with metasurface (MS) to analyze the effect of the structural parameters on the output performance. The performance of the MS-integrated B-OLED (MIB-OLED) is evaluated by out-coupling efficiency (OCE) and reflection of the ambient light, while attention is paid mainly to dielectric capping and metal structure of MS that may influence excitation of surface plasmon (SP). The results suggest that layer thicknesses affect the performance by as much as 10% for the OCE and up to 32% for reflectance. The OCE is in general weakly affected by the structural parameters of MS. In contrast, the reflectance characteristics are found to be dominated by localized SP that is largely determined by the length and the width of a unit slot of MS. An optimization factor introduced to evaluate the performance based on out-coupling power to the radiation mode and reflectance of MIB-OLEDs confirms that integration with MS improves performance by 16% over conventional planar structure. In particular, MIB-OLED is found to enhance OCE by 51% with Lambertian-like pattern. Enhanced performance is experimentally confirmed. The findings provide insights on how to optimize the MS structure to produce MIB-OLEDs with enhanced out-coupled power and contrast ratio.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9232
JournalScientific reports
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec

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Authors acknowledge the support by the National Research Foundation of Korea (2019R1A4A1025958 and 2019R1A6A3A01096804), Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy of the Korean government (MOTIE, P048000064), and Korea Medical Device Development Fund (Project Number: 202012B12, 202011D25). K.K. acknowledges the support by the BK21 program of School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering of Yonsei University.

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