Molecular dissection of the interaction between the SH3 domain and the SH2-Kinase Linker region in PTK6

Han Ie Kim, Jinwon Jung, Eun Saem Lee, Yong Chul Kim, Weontae Lee, Seung Taek Lee

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PTK6 (also known as Brk) is an intracellular tyrosine kinase that contains SH3, SH2, and tyrosine kinase catalytic (Kinase) domains. The SH3 domain of PTK6 interacts with the N-terminal half of the linker (Linker) region between the SH2 and Kinase domains. Site-directed mutagenesis and surface plasmon resonance studies showed that a tryptophan residue (Trp44) in the SH3 domain and proline residues in the Linker region, in the order of Pro177, Pro175, and Pro179, contribute to the interaction. The three-dimensional modeled structure of the SH3-Linker complex was in agreement with the biochemical data. Disruption of the intramolecular interaction between the SH3 domain and the Linker region by mutation of Trp44, Pro175, Pro177, and Pro179 markedly increased the catalytic activity of PTK6 in HEK 293 cells. These results demonstrate that Trp44 in the SH3 domain and Pro177, Pro175, and Pro179 in the N-terminal half of the Linker region play important roles in the SH3-Linker interaction to maintain the protein in an inactive conformation along with the phosphorylated Tyr447-SH2 interaction.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)829-834
Number of pages6
JournalBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2007 Nov 3

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This work was supported by funds from the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation through the Protein Network Research Center at Yonsei University and the National Research Laboratory Program to S.T.L. and W.L., the Seoul Research and Business Development grant (10527) to S.T.L., and the Brain Korea 21 trainee program to S.T.L. and W.L.

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