Minimization of Moiré effect generated by a double-layered metal mesh on top of the R-G-B optical source

Marzieh Pournoury, Ali Zamiri, Victor Yurlov, Tae Young Kim, Aeri Jung, Kyunghwan Oh

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Fourier transform was utilized to analyze Moiré pattern for a two-layer metal mesh structure nonadjacent to an intensity patterned light source with a micron size separation. In order to obtain the full understanding of human sensitivity, we applied the contrast sensitivity function as well as Snell's law considering oblique observation direction. We applied a general case of a two-layer sensor structure model as the periodic metallic array, where the metal meshes were distributed in two different layers with a microscopic gap. Applying different values of in-plane mesh angles and periodicities of the metal mesh which is located above the intensity patterned light sources, we investigated the mechanism of Moiré generation. According to multiplicative model the influences of 70 in-plane mesh angles, 60 mesh periodicities, various observer angles and distances with respect to the display panel on the standard deviation of Moiré were thoroughly investigated to calculate the optimal parameters which provided less visibility of Moiré. The simulation results were in good agreement to a prior analytical method. Moreover, the experimental results confirmed the suggested critical parameters with less Moiré conditions calculated based on our numerical model. Our proposed approach is rigorously applicable for various size of display systems with more complex metal meshes.

Original languageEnglish
Article number102401
JournalResults in Physics
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Sept

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This work was supported by LG Display under LG Display – Yonsei University Incubation Program ( 2018-11-1448 ).

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