Micro/Nano Replication: Processes and Applications

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The increasing demands for micro/nanostructures or components in the field of digital display, digital imaging, data storage, optical communication, nanoenergy, and biomedicine would merit a priority in establishing the fabrication technologies for micro/nanostructures or components. Among the various fabrication technologies for micro/nanostructures or components, the replication or molding process is regarded as one of the most suitable candidates for mass production, which may offer high quality at reasonably low cost. For this reason, researchers in both academic community and industrial sectors are beginning to actively engage themselves in pursuit of research and development in the respective field of interest. The field of micro/nano replication or molding has recently come into existence, and thus an introductory textbook in micro/nano replication is sorely needed. A useful and desirable textbook should provide a basic (i.e., readily accessible to newcomers) interdisciplinary overview of the replicated micro/nanostructures or components, to wit: how they are designed, how the molds and stamps are designed and fabricated, how they are replicated, how the properties are predetermined and evaluated, and what are the potential uses.

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Publication statusPublished - 2012 Mar 19

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