MC2: Subaru and Hubble Space Telescope Weak-lensing Analysis of the Double Radio Relic Galaxy Cluster PLCK G287.0+32.9

Kyle Finner, M. James Jee, Nathan Golovich, David Wittman, William Dawson, Daniel Gruen, Anton M. Koekemoer, Brian C. Lemaux, Stella Seitz

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The second most significant detection of the Planck Sunyaev-Zel'dovich survey, PLCK G287.0+32.9 (z = 0.385), boasts two similarly bright radio relics and a radio halo. One radio relic is located NW of the X-ray peak and the other Mpc to the SE. This large difference suggests that a complex merging scenario is required. A key missing puzzle for the merging scenario reconstruction is the underlying dark matter distribution in high resolution. We present a joint Subaru Telescope and Hubble Space Telescope weak-lensing analysis of the cluster. Our analysis shows that the mass distribution features four significant substructures. Of the substructures, a primary cluster of mass M200c = 1.59+0.25 -0.22 ×1015 h-1 70 Mo dominates the weak-lensing signal. This cluster is likely to be undergoing a merger with one (or more) subcluster whose mass is approximately a factor of 10 lower. One candidate is the subcluster of mass M200c =1.16 0.15 -0.13 ×1014h-170 Molocated ∼ 400 kpc to the SE. The location of this subcluster suggests that its interaction with the primary cluster could be the source of the NW radio relic. Another subcluster is detected ∼2 Mpc to the SE of the X-ray peak with mass M200c = 1.68 +0.22 -0.20 ×1014h-170 Mo. This SE subcluster is in the vicinity of the SE radio relic and may have created the SE radio relic during a past merger with the primary cluster. The fourth subcluster, M200c = 1.87 +0.24-0.22×1014h-170 Mo, is NW of the X-ray peak and beyond the NW radio relic.

Original languageEnglish
Article number46
JournalAstrophysical Journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2017 Dec 10

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