Material design of a film cooling system using experimental heat transfer data

Kyung Min Kim, Jiwoon Song, Jun Su Park, Sanghoon Lee, Hyung Hee Cho

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The present study numerically calculates the temperature and thermal stress distributions near a normal cooling hole. We evaluate the effects of material properties on thermal damage by using local heat transfer data from previous experiments. The experimental results are converted into the surface's heat transfer coefficients and the adiabatic wall temperature while using surface boundary conditions. The calculated results reveal that the thermal stresses depend on the main stream temperature and the material properties. To predict the maximum thermal stress near the normal cooling hole, we provide a single correlation consisting of the material properties and the main stream temperature.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)6278-6284
Number of pages7
JournalInternational Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer
Issue number21-22
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Oct

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Funding Information:
This work was supported by the Power Generation & Electricity Delivery of the Korean Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) grant, which is funded by the Korean government Ministry of Knowledge Economy .

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  • Condensed Matter Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Fluid Flow and Transfer Processes


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