Location-specific fabrication of suspended nanowires using electrospun fibers on designed microstructure

Yongkeun Oh, Dae Sung Kwon, Wondo Kim, Eunhwan Jo, Soonjae Pyo, Jongbaeg Kim

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While there have been remarkable improvements in the fabrication of suspended nanowires, placing a single nanowire at the desired location remains to be a challenging task. In this study, a simple method is proposed to fabricate suspended nanowires at desired locations using an electrospinning process and a designed microstructure. Using electrospun polymer fibers on the designed microstructure as a sacrificial template, various materials are deposited on it, and the electrospun fibers are selectively removed, leaving only nanowires of the deposited material. After the polymer fibers are removed, the remaining metal fibers agglomerate into a single nanowire. Throughout this process, including the removal of the polymer fibers, the samples are not exposed to high temperatures or chemicals, thereby allowing the formation of nanowires without oxidation or contamination. The diameter of the nanowire can be controlled in the electrospinning process, and a suspended Pd nanowire with a minimum diameter of 100 nm is fabricated. Additionally, a suspended single Pd nanowire-based H2 gas sensor fabricated using the proposed process exhibits a highly sensitive response to H2 gas.

Original languageEnglish
Article number355602
Issue number35
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Aug 27

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