LitStoryTeller+: an interactive system for multi-level scientific paper visual storytelling with a supportive text mining toolbox

Qing Ping, Chaomei Chen

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The continuing growth of scientific publications has posed a double-challenge to researchers, to not only grasp the overall research trends in a scientific domain, but also get down to research details embedded in a collection of core papers. Existing work on science mapping provides multiple tools to visualize research trends in domain on macro-level, and work from the digital humanities have proposed text visualization of documents, topics, sentences, and words on micro-level. However, existing micro-level text visualizations are not tailored for scientific paper corpus, and cannot support meso-level scientific reading, which aligns a set of core papers based on their research progress, before drilling down to individual papers. To bridge this gap, the present paper proposes LitStoryTeller+, an interactive system under a unified framework that can support both meso-level and micro-level scientific paper visual storytelling. More specifically, we use entities (concepts and terminologies) as basic visual elements, and visualize entity storylines across papers and within a paper borrowing metaphors from screen play. To identify entities and entity communities, named entity recognition and community detection are performed. We also employ a variety of text mining methods such as extractive text summarization and comparative sentence classification to provide rich textual information supplementary to our visualizations. We also propose a top-down story-reading strategy that best takes advantage of our system. Two comprehensive hypothetical walkthroughs to explore documents from the computer science domain and history domain with our system demonstrate the effectiveness of our story-reading strategy and the usefulness of LitStoryTeller+.

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Publication statusPublished - 2018 Sept 1

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Acknowledgements This study is supported by the project ‘‘A Visual Analytic Observatory of Scientific Knowledge’’ funded by National Science Foundation (NSF 1633286).

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