KUG 0200-096: Dwarf Antennae Hosting a Tidal Dwarf Galaxy

Sanjaya Paudel, Chandreyee Sengupta, Suk Jin Yoon

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We study a gas-rich merging dwarf system KUG 0200-096. Deep optical imaging reveals an optically faint tail with a length of 20 kpc, giving a visual impression of tidal antenna similar to NGC 4038/39. The interacting dwarf galaxies have B-band absolute magnitudes of -18.06 and -16.63 mag. We identify a young stellar clump with a stellar mass of 2 × 107 M o at the tip of the antenna, possibly a tidal dwarf galaxy (TDG). The putative TDG candidate is quite blue with a g - r color index of -0.07 mag, whereas the interacting dwarf galaxies have g - r color indices 0.29 and 0.19 mag. The TDG is currently forming stars at the rate of 0.02 M o yr-1. We obtained H i 21 cm line data of KUG 0200-096 using the Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope to get a more detailed view of neutral hydrogen (H i) emission in interacting dwarf galaxies and its TDG. Evidence of a merger between the dwarf galaxy pair is also present in H i kinematics and morphology where we find the H i contents of the interacting pair is disturbed, forming an extended tail toward the TDG. The H i velocity field shows a strong gradient along the H i tidal tail extension. We present a comparative study between the Antennae galaxy, NGC 4038/39, and KUG 0200-096 in both optical and H i gas properties and discuss the possible origin of the KUG 0200-096 TDG.

Original languageEnglish
Article number166
JournalAstronomical Journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Oct

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P.S. and S.-J.Y. acknowledge support by the Samsung Science & Technology Foundation under Project Number SSTF-BA1501-06. S.-J.Y. acknowledges support from the Center for Galaxy Evolution Research (No. 2017R1A5A1070354) through the NRF of Korea and from the Yonsei University Observatory–KASI Joint Research Program (2018).

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