Flexible and mechanically robust organic light-emitting diodes based on photopatternable silver nanowire electrodes

Hyungseok Kang, Iljoong Kang, Jaehun Han, Jun Beom Kim, Dong Yun Lee, Sung Min Cho, Jeong Ho Cho

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We developed a simple methodology for fabricating silver nanowire (AgNW) micropatterns on a plastic substrate using a photocurable polymer. The patterning method began with the lamination of a UV-curable prepolymer film onto the AgNW-coated rigid glass substrate. Selective UV exposure of the UV-curable prepolymer film through a photomask solidified the exposed regions, and the unexposed regions were simply removed by the solvent. AgNW micropatterns of various sizes and shapes could be readily formed across the entire plastic substrate. Importantly, this photopatterning process enabled the embedding of the AgNW structures into the polymer matrix, which dramatically reduced the surface roughness and enhanced the mechanical stability of the AgNW film. The AgNW structures served as transparent anode electrodes in organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that performed well compared to OLEDs fabricated using conventional indium tin oxide (ITO) or conducting polymer electrodes. This simple, inexpensive, and scalable AgNW patterning technique provides a novel approach to realizing next-generation flexible electronics.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)22012-22018
Number of pages7
JournalJournal of Physical Chemistry C
Issue number38
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Sept 29

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