Evaluation of various kinetic parameters of CA-125 in patients with advanced-stage ovarian cancer undergoing neoadjuvant chemotherapy

Yong Jae Lee, In Ha Lee, Yun Ji Kim, Young Shin Chung, Jung Yun Lee, Eun Ji Nam, Sunghoon Kim, Sang Wun Kim, Young Tae Kim

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Various kinetic parameters of serum CA-125 have been reported to have better correlation with outcomes for patients treated with neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NAC). This study aimed to compare the available kinetic parameters of serum CA-125 in an external cohort of advanced-stage ovarian cancer. Using the cancer registry databases from the Yonsei Cancer Hospital, we retrospectively reviewed 210 patients with advanced-stage ovarian cancer, treated with NAC followed by interval debulking surgery. We compared area under the receiver-operating characteristics curves (AUCs), false negative rate, and negative predictive value (NPV) using 10 different models for optimal cytoreduction and platinum resistance. In addition, we compared incremental AUC for progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). No gross residual tumor was observed in 37.0% and residual tumors <1 cm in 82.2% of patients. No model using CA-125 kinetic parameters had an AUC higher than >0.6 for predicting optimal cytoreduction. After adjusting for age, BMI, disease stage, and histologic subtypes, all models had an AUC >0.70 for predicting platinum resistance. However, no model had a high enough NPV (highest value = 82.0%) to avoid chemotherapy futility. For survival outcomes, no model had an incremental AUC >0.70 for predicting either PFS or OS. None of the proposed serum CA-125 kinetic parameters showed high accuracy in predicting optimal cytoreduction, platinum resistance, or survival in patients receiving NAC. For advanced-stage ovarian cancer treated with NAC, there is a need to discover reliable biomarkers to better stratify patient response groups for optimal treatment decision-making.

Original languageEnglish
Article numbere0203366
JournalPloS one
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2018 Sept

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This research was supported by the Bio & Medical Technology Development Program of the National Research Foundation (NRF) funded by the Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning (2017M3A9E8029714).

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