Effects of intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy in ovarian cancer

Ki Sung Ryu, Jae Hoon Kim, Hyun Sun Ko, Jin Woo Kim, Woong Shick Ahn, Yong Gyu Park, Seung Jo Kim, Joon Mo Lee

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Objectives. To evaluate the clinical effect of intraperitoneal hyperthermic chemotherapy (IPHC) in ovarian cancer patients. Patients and methods. We retrospectively reviewed 117 stages Ic-III ovarian cancer patients, who were diagnosed at the Gynecology Department of Kangnam St. Mary's Hospital between January 1994 and January 2000. Of these, 57 patients underwent cytoreductive surgery (conventional treatment) with IPHC and 60 patients (control group) underwent conventional treatment only. IPHC consisted of administering a mixture of 350 mg/m2 of carboplatin and 5,000,000 IU/m2 of interferon-α, and maintaining the intraperitoneal temperature at 43-44°C during surgery. Results. The overall 5-year survival rate was 58.6%; that of the IPHC group was 63.4% vs. 52.8% in the control group, with significantly higher survival in the IPHC group (P = 0.0078). Considering stage III ovarian cancer patients only (n = 74), the survival rate was 53.8% in the IPHC group (n = 35) and 33.3% in the control group (n = 39) and was significantly higher in the IPHC group (P = 0.0015). For stage III ovarian cancer patients whose tumor was reduced to less than 1 cm during a second procedure (n = 53), the 5-year survival rate was 65.6% in patients who underwent IPHC (n = 26) and 40.7% in the control patients (n = 27) (P = 0.0046). IPHC was an independent prognostic factor that was not affected by surgical staging, tumor size after second surgery, or patient age, according to a multivariate analysis (Hazard ratio = 0.496, P = 0.0176). Conclusion. Our study suggests that IPHC is a promising new treatment modality in ovarian cancer.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)325-332
Number of pages8
JournalGynecologic Oncology
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2004 Aug

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