Effect of pH on drug release from polysaccharide tablets

Ham Yong Park, Cheol Rim Choi, Jung Hyun Kim, Woo Sik Kim

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Controlled release formations of drugs were prepared with matrix materials of the natural polysaccharides sodium alginate and L-carrageenan. The drugs used were sodium salicylate (anionic) and lidocaine-HCl (cationic). The release characteristics of the drugs were studied under different pH and compositions of aqueous media. The cationic drug (lidocaine-HCl) was released more slowly than the anionic one (sodium salicylate) because of the negative charge of the matrices. The release from both sodium alginate and L- carrageenan tablet was retarded in acidic medium. At the same pH of the medium, the release into buffer solutions (containing metallic cations Na+ and K+, respectively) was slower than into HCl solution.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)13-18
Number of pages6
JournalDrug Delivery: Journal of Delivery and Targeting of Therapeutic Agents
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1998

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  • Pharmaceutical Science


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