Development of Stabilized Growth Factor-Loaded Hyaluronate- Collagen Dressing (HCD) matrix for impaired wound healing

Seong Mi Choi, Hyun Aae Ryu, Kyoung Mi Lee, Hyun Jung Kim, Ik Kyu Park, Wan Jin Cho, Hang Cheol Shin, Woo Jin Choi, Jin Woo Lee

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Background: Diabetes mellitus is a disease lack of insulin, which has severely delayed and impaired wound healing capacity. In the previous studies, various types of scaffolds and growth factors were used in impaired wound healing. However, there were several limitations to use them such as short half-life of growth factors in vivo and inadequate experimental conditions of wound-dressing material. Thus, our study aimed to determine the biocompatibility and stability of the matrix containing structurally stabilized epidermal growth factor (S-EGF) and basic fibroblast growth factor (S-bFGF). Results and Discussion: We stabilized EGF and bFGF that are structurally more stable than existing EGF and bFGF. We developed biocompatible matrix using S-EGF, S-bFGF, and hyaluronate- collagen dressing (HCD) matrix. The developed matrix, S-EGF and S-bFGF loaded on HCD matrix, had no cytotoxicity, in vitro. Also, these matrixes had longer releasing period that result in enhancement of half-life. Finally, when these matrixes were applied on the wound of diabetic mice, there were no inflammatory responses, in vivo. Thus, our results demonstrate that these matrixes are biologically safe and biocompatible as wound-dressing material. Conclusions: Our stabilized EGF and bFGF was more stable than existing EGF and bFGF and the HCD matrix had the capacity to efficiently deliver growth factors. Thus, the S-EGF and S-bFGF loaded on HCD matrix had improved stability. Therefore, these matrixes may be suitable for impaired wound healing, resulting in application of clinical treatment.

Original languageEnglish
Article number9
JournalBiomaterials Research
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2016

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