Decreasing the residual DC voltage by neutralizing the charged mobile ions in liquid crystals

Yang Liu, Jingxin Sang, Hao Liu, Haiqin Xu, Shuguang Zhao, Jiatong Sun, Ju Hwan Lee, Hae Chang Jeong, Dae Shik Seo

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The decrease of the residual direct current (DC) voltage (V rdc ) of the anti-parallel liquid crystal (LC) cell using silver (Ag)-doped Polyimide (Ag-d-PI) alignment layers is presented in this manuscript. A series of Ag/PI composite thin layers are prepared by spurting or doping PI thin layers with Ag nano-particles, and Ag/PI composite thin layers are highly transparent and resistive. LC are homogeneously aligned between 2.0 mg/ml Ag-d-PI alignment layers, and the V rdc of the cell that assembled with Ag-d-PI alignment layers decreases about 82%. The decrease of V rdc is attributed to the trapping and neutralizing of mobile ions by Ag nano-particles. Regardless of the effect of Ag nano-particles on the conductivity of Ag-d-PI alignment layers, the voltage holding ratio (VHR) of the cells is maintained surprisingly. The experiment results reveal a simple design for a low V rdc LC cell.

Original languageEnglish
Article number181
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Apr

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