Communicating global citizenship: Multiple discourses beyond the academy

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This article demonstrates that notions of "global citizenship", as communicated beyond academic debates in political theory and sociology, can be situated within two overarching discourses: a civic republican discourse that emphasizes concepts such as awareness, responsibility, participation and cross-cultural empathy, and a libertarian discourse that emphasizes international mobility and competitiveness. Within each of these discourses, multiple understandings of citizen voice can be identified. Exploring how myriad ways of thinking related to "global citizenship" are springing forth in public debate serves to illustrate new ways in which a wide variety of political, social and economic actors are reflecting upon the meaning of voice and citizenship in the context of increasing public recognition of global interdependence. Not only has "global citizenship" emerged as a variant within the concept of citizenship, but the concept of "global citizenship" contains many variants and sources of internal division. How the concept of "global citizenship" continues to evolve in public discourse, especially in response to watershed events, promises to remain a fruitful line of inquiry for years to come.

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JournalCitizenship Studies
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Publication statusPublished - 2005 May

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