Color interpolation algorithm for an RWB color filter array including double-exposed white channel

Chul Hee Park, Jonghyun Kim, Moon Gi Kang

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In this paper, we propose a color interpolation algorithm for a red-white-blue (RWB) color filter array (CFA) that uses a double exposed white channel instead of a single exposed green (G) channel. The double-exposed RWB CFA pattern, which captures two white channels at different exposure times simultaneously, improves the sensitivity and provides a solution for the rapid saturation problem of W channel although spatial resolution is degraded due to the lack of a suitable color interpolation algorithm. The proposed algorithm is designed and optimized for the double-exposed RWB CFA pattern. Two white channels are interpolated by using directional color difference information. The red and blue channels are interpolated by applying a guided filter that uses the interpolated white channel as a guided value. The proposed method resolves spatial resolution degradation, particularly in the horizontal direction, which is a challenging problem in the double-exposed RWB CFA pattern. Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm outperforms other color interpolation methods in terms of both objective and subjective criteria.

Original languageEnglish
Article number58
JournalEurasip Journal on Advances in Signal Processing
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Dec 1

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