Clinical features of chronic pancreatitis in Korea: A multicenter nationwide study

Kon Ryu Ji, Kyu Lee Jun, Yong Tae Kim, Ki Lee Dong, Wan Seo Dong, Taek Lee Kyu, Gak Kim Ho, Seon Kim Jae, Sik Lee Hong, Nyeun Kim Tae, Hwan Rho Myung, Ho Moon Jong, Jin Lee, Ho Soon Choi, Jin Lee Woo, Moo Yoo Byung, Bum Yoon Yong

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Background/Aims: No reliable nationwide clinical data about chronic pancreatitis (CP) was available in Korea. The etiology and clinical features of CP were investigated using a multicenter nationwide study. Methods: 814 cases of CP were enrolled retrospectively over the past 4 years at 13 hospitals. The following data were obtained from all patients: etiology, symptoms, complications, and surgery. Result: Alcohol (64.3%) was the major cause of CP and idiopathic CP (20.8%) was the second most common form. Mean patient age was 50.6 years and the male:female ratio was 6:1 (24:1 for alcoholic CP vs. 2:1 in idiopathic CP, p < 0.001). Diabetes (31.6%), pseudocysts (28.4%), biliary stricture (13.9%), and pancreatic ascites (6.6%) were the main complications. Of these, diabetes (35 vs. 26%) and pseudocyst (33.7 vs. 21.9%) were more frequent in alcoholic than in idiopathic CP. Pancreatic cancer developed in 25 patients (3.1%) during follow-up and their mean age was 59.1 years. Conclusions: In Korea, alcohol is the most common etiology of CP. Moreover, diabetes and pseudocysts are frequent complications, especially in alcoholic CP, and pancreatic cancer development is not infrequent.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)207-211
Number of pages5
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2005

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