Changes in cardiovascular health status and risk of sudden cardiac death in older adults

Min Kim, Pil Sung Yang, Hee Tae Yu, Tae Hoon Kim, Eunsun Jang, Jae Sun Uhm, Hui Nam Pak, Moon Hyoung Lee, Boyoung Joung

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Purpose: Cardiovascular health (CVH) status is associated with several cardiovascular outcomes; however, correlations between changes in CVH status and risk of sudden cardiac death (SCD) are unknown. We aimed to evaluate associations between changes in CVH status and risk of SCD and all-cause death in older adults. Materials and Methods: We used data from the Korea National Health Insurance Service-Senior cohort database (2005–2012). Six metrics from the American Heart Association (smoking, body mass index, physical activity, blood pressure, total cholesterol, and fasting blood glucose) were used to calculate CVH scores. Changes in CVH status between two health checkups were categorized as low to low, low to high, high to low, and high to high. Results: We included 105200 patients whose CVH status for an initial and follow-up health checkup (2-year interval) was available. During a median of 5.2 years of follow-up after a second health checkup, 688 SCDs occurred. Compared to patients with a persistent low CVH status, those with a consistently high CVH status had a reduced risk of SCD [adjusted hazard ratio (HR), 0.69; 95% confidence interval (CI), 0.56–0.86] and all-cause death (adjusted HR, 0.74; 95% CI, 0.69–0.78). The risk of all-cause death followed similar trends. However, an inconsistent linear relationship was observed for changes in CVH status and the risk of SCD, but not of all-cause death. Conclusion: Maintaining a high CVH status was associated with future risks of SCD and all-cause death among an older adult population.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)298-305
Number of pages8
JournalYonsei medical journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2021

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