Cervical foraminal and discal height after dynamic rotational plating in the cervical discectomy and fusion

Jin Oh Park, Moon Soo Park, Seong Hwan Moon, In Sung Kim, Seok Woo Kim, Yong Chan Kim, Tae Hwan Kim, Bo Kyung Suh, Ji Hoon Nam, Hwan Mo Lee

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Study Design: This is a retrospective study. Purpose: To evaluate the effect of the dynamic rotational plate to the intervertebral foraminal and discal height after anterior cervical discectomy and fusion. Overview of Literature: There is no report regarding the changes of foraminal and discal height following cervical dynamic rotational plating. Methods: We reviewed the outcomes of 30 patients (36 levels), who were followed-up for an average of 15 months (range, 12-57 months) after undergoing fusions with anterior cervical dynamic rotational plating for cervical radiculopathy, from March 2005 to February 2009. The changes of foraminal and intervertebral discal height of the operated levels were observed on oblique and lateral radiographs obtained at the preoperative, postoperative and follow-up examinations. Results: The foraminal and discal height increased sufficiently, immediately following the operation. However, follow-up results showed gradual decrease in the foraminal and discal height. After 6 months of the surgery, they showed little difference compared with the preoperative heights. However, clinically, patients showed improvements in radiating pain during the follow-up period. Conclusions: Anterior cervical dynamic rotational plating was an effective treatment modality for cervical radiculopathy without the deterioration of the foraminal and intervertebral discal height.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)289-293
Number of pages5
JournalAsian Spine Journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2013 Dec

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  • Surgery
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