Carotid artery stenting in patients with symptomatic coronary artery disease.

Y. S. Yoon, W. H. Shim, S. M. Kim, K. J. Park, S. Y. Cho

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Carotid artery stenting has been accepted as a potential alternative to carotid endarterectomy in patients with significant carotid artery stenosis. The objective of this study was to evaluate the feasibility, safety and long-term outcome of percutaneous stenting of carotid artery stenosis in patients with coexisting symptomatic coronary disease. Between May 1996 and May 1999, we performed carotid artery stenting at 48 lesions in 36 patients with carotid stenosis of 60% and symptomatic coronary artery stenosis. Twenty-one patients (58%) had neurologic symptoms. Carotid stenting was performed in 43 internal, 2 external and 3 common carotid lesions. We used Wallstent in 46 lesions, Palmaz stent in 2 lesions and Microstent II in 1 lesion. Staged or combined coronary intervention was performed in 18 patients (50%) and staged coronary artery bypass surgery was performed in 6 patients (17%). In the other 12 patients (33%), medical treatments were performed. Carotid stenting was successful in all lesions. Simultaneous bilateral carotid stenting was performed in 11 patients (31%). One major and 1 minor stroke developed during the procedure. There were no deaths during the procedures and within 30 days post-procedure. During the follow-up of 14 +/- 7 (3 to 40) months, there were no deaths or neurological events. On follow-up (6 +/- 1 months) angiography and/or duplex sonography of 44 eligible lesions in 32 patients, there were 2 cases of asymptomatic restenosis (4.5%) which developed in Palmaz stents implanted at the external carotid artery and the common carotid artery, respectively. In conclusion, carotid artery stenting in patients with coexistent carotid and coronary artery disease is feasible, safe and shows favorable follow-up outcomes.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)89-97
Number of pages9
JournalYonsei medical journal
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2000 Feb

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