Botulinum toxin type-A (Botulax®) treatment in patients with intractable chronic occipital neuralgia: A pilot study

Hyeyun Kim, Bongjin Jang, Seong Taek Kim

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Intractable chronic occipital neuralgia (ON) is an uncommon type of headache often experienced by patients in outpatient neurological clinics. Among patients unresponsive to oral neuralgia medications, needling or injections with several drugs were suggested alternatives for treating chronic ON. This study aimed to determine the effectiveness and safety of botulinum toxin type-A (BTX-A) injection treatments, where eight patients with unilateral chronic ON received BTX-A injections at the pain sites. The pain relief effect was observed 2 weeks after receiving the injections, gradually showing improvements up to 12 weeks after injection. There were no adverse events or changes from baseline in serologic studies and vital signs in any of the participants. The treatment’s pain-relieving effects were confirmed through regular, 12-week follow-ups, confirming the safety and effectiveness of BTX-A on chronic ON and suggesting that this method is an effective, novel alternative option for chronic ON treatment.

Original languageEnglish
Article number332
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 2021 May

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This study was supported by Hugel Inc., Chuncheon, Korea.

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