Boosted output performance of triboelectric nanogenerator via electric double layer effect

Jinsung Chun, Byeong Uk Ye, Jae Won Lee, Dukhyun Choi, Chong Yun Kang, Sang Woo Kim, Zhong Lin Wang, Jeong Min Baik

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For existing triboelectric nanogenerators (TENGs), it is important to explore unique methods to further enhance the output power under realistic environments to speed up their commercialization. We report here a practical TENG composed of three layers, in which the key layer, an electric double layer, is inserted between a top layer, made of Al/polydimethylsiloxane, and a bottom layer, made of Al. The efficient charge separation in the middle layer, based on Volta's electrophorus, results from sequential contact configuration of the TENG and direct electrical connection of the middle layer to the earth. A sustainable and enhanced output performance of 1.22 mA and 46.8 mW cm 2 under low frequency of 3 Hz is produced, giving over 16-fold enhancement in output power and corresponding to energy conversion efficiency of 22.4%. Finally, a portable power-supplying system, which provides enough d.c. power for charging a smart watch or phone battery, is also successfully developed.

Original languageEnglish
Article number12985
JournalNature communications
Publication statusPublished - 2016 Oct 5

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