Applicability of newly developed PET/bio-based polyester blends for hot-filling bottle

Hojun Shin, Sangyoon Park, Sarinthip Thanakkasaranee, Kambiz Sadeghi, Youngsoo Lee, Guman Tak, Jongchul Seo

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ECOZEN®T110 (EZT), as a bio-based polyester has been used to improve the glass transition temperature (Tg) and thermal shape stability of polyethylene terephthalate (PET). In this study, the applicability of PET/EZT blends for manufacturing hot-filling bottles using an injection stretch blow molding machine in a conventional process was evaluated. A fully miscible blend (single Tg) was observed in 10 % EZT, despite the homogeneous phase being maintained in all other EZT ratios (30 %, 50 %, and 70 %). The addition of EZT led to an increase in the Tg and the transparency of the bottles, and maintains their original shape after the hot-filling tests. High Tg bottles with a low melting point and crystallinity were obtained, circumventing the need for complex equipment and time-consuming processes that are otherwise required for conventional PET bottles. Therefore, the PET/EZT blends can be used as an alternative material to manufacture hot-filling bottles using conventional bottle processing.

Original languageEnglish
Article number100757
JournalFood Packaging and Shelf Life
Publication statusPublished - 2021 Dec

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