An agent response system based on mirror neuron and theory of mind

Kyon Mo Yang, Sung Bae Cho

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The applications of service agent have been proliferated. For responding the user intention in a flexible environment, researchers need to incorporate the aspects of biological response method. Especially, the investigations about generating the agent behavior like the human are studied using rule or ontology. However these previous system do not work flexibly. Propose an agent response system based on human brain processes can responds in changeable situation flexibly. There are well known theories to investigate the process of generating response in human brain. First, the mirror neuron investigated the intuitive response process. Second, the theory of mind studied the response process for solving the complicated tasks. In other word, the response process in brain was investigated for the immediate response and the complex response. The proposed system implements this human brain function using a modular behavior selection network and a STRIPS planning. The system applies the home service agent and we evaluate the performance using the data by 7 subjects.

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