Accurate detection for dental implant and peri-implant tissue by transfer learning of faster R-CNN: a diagnostic accuracy study

Woo Sung Jang, Sunjai Kim, Pill Sang Yun, Han Sol Jang, You Won Seong, Hee Soo Yang, Jae Seung Chang

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Background: The diagnosis of dental implants and the periapical tissues using periapical radiographs is crucial. Recently, artificial intelligence has shown a rapid advancement in the field of radiographic imaging. Purpose: This study attempted to detect dental implants and peri-implant tissues by using a deep learning method known as object detection on the implant image of periapical radiographs. Methods: After implant treatment, the periapical images were collected and data were processed by labeling the dental implant and peri-implant tissue together in the images. Next, 300 images of the periapical radiographs were split into 80:20 ratio (i.e. 80% of the data were used for training the model while 20% were used for testing the model). These were evaluated using an object detection model known as Faster R-CNN, which simultaneously performs classification and localization. This model was evaluated on the classification performance using metrics, including precision, recall, and F1 score. Additionally, in order to assess the localization performance, an evaluation through intersection over union (IoU) was utilized, and, Average Precision (AP) was used to assess both the classification and localization performance. Results: Considering the classification performance, precision = 0.977, recall = 0.992, and F1 score = 0.984 were derived. The indicator of localization was derived as mean IoU = 0.907. On the other hand, considering the indicators of both classification and localization performance, AP showed an object detection level of AP@0.5 = 0.996 and AP@0.75 = 0.967. Conclusion: Thus, the implementation of Faster R-CNN model for object detection on 300 periapical radiographic images including dental implants, resulted in high-quality object detection for dental implants and peri-implant tissues.

Original languageEnglish
Article number591
JournalBMC oral health
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2022 Dec

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