Accompanying renal injuries did not impact graft survival in patients with transplant glomerulopathy

B. J. Lim, D. J. Joo, Y. S. Kim, H. J. Jeong

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Transplant glomerulopathy (TG) a morphological feature of chronic active antibody-mediated rejection, is associated with donor-specific antibody, peritubular capillary deposition of C4d, and multilayering of peritubular capillary basement membranes. To evaluate the significance of accompanying nonimmunologic injuries in TG, we retrospectively reviewed 2839 renal allograft cases at our institute among which TG was diagnosed in 81 patients (2.9%). Among TG cases, 48 samples showed accompanying diseases such as chronic calcineurin inhibitor toxicity, hepatitis viral infection, posttransplant diabetes, and glomerulonephritis. Comparing the pure form of TG with TG-mixed diseases, there was no difference in patient demography, serum creatinine values, and proteinuria. Among histological parameters, severe hyalinosis was more frequently observed among the TG plus other diseases group. The two groups did not show significant difference in graft survival (P =.216).

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)616-618
Number of pages3
JournalTransplantation Proceedings
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2012 Apr

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